Accounting Services in Redlands, CA

Preparing your taxes can be a stress-inducing headache and a time-consuming chore. When it comes time to file, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by new tax laws and a constantly-changing regulatory environment. Nobody knows this better than Dennis G Phillips & Associates Inc., which is why our firm provides a wide range of tax services to give you peace of mind and allow you to focus your time and attention on what is most important to you and your business.

Our services provide benefits to our clients that go far beyond the immediate task at hand

Tax preparation

Our professionals provide federal, state and local tax return services for clients in the greater Inland Empire, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties. We maintain close communication with our clients through the process. You are never “left in the dark” or surprised come filing time. We value our clients and always work to minimize payments, wherever possible.

Bookkeeping services

Being ready for tax season starts with the everyday maintenance of your company’s books. Our team provides payroll services and QuickBooks accounting to ensure businesses in the Redlands, CA area are always audit-ready and in compliance with the latest regulations.

IRS representation and resolution

If you receive notification from the IRS of an audit or disputed payment amount, having experts by your side to navigate the complexities of legal and governmental requirements is critical. Our team has the knowledge and expertise necessary to traverse this landscape, and we’ve helped our clients pursue beneficial outcomes and IRS resolutions for decades.

We’re proud to have a 93 percent success rate with IRS offers in compromise.

Other accounting services

Complicated and time-consuming audits, cash flow and budget analysis duties can clog the pipelines of your business, making it run less efficiently and cost more to operate. On the other hand, these critical tasks can also prevent bankruptcy and increase the likelihood that your business remains viable for many years to come. With such high stakes, having trusted and licensed partners makes all the difference.

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There is nothing more important than ensuring your business is tax compliant and positioned to succeed in an ever-changing regulatory landscape. If your business could use professional tax help or bookkeeping services in Redlands, Mentone, Riverside, or San Bernadino, CA, contact us at Dennis G Phillips & Associates Inc. at 909-793-1021 today.